The Future is Niche: Calibrate Commerce Launches “Calibrate Labs” to Fuel the Next Generation of E-commerce Businesses

Calibrate Labs aims to grow the e-commerce ecosystem by bringing niche retail ideas to fruition with a hands-on approach. It identifies game-changing e-commerce ideas and helps the business with end-to-end strategy from building a minimum viable product, launching it into the market, finding the product-market fit, and scaling it successfully.
Published on
July 12, 2024

Calibrate Commerce, driven by its mission to foster and grow the digital commerce ecosystem, today marks a pivotal moment in the e-commerce sector as it unveils Calibrate Labs, a forward-looking incubator to actively shape and propel the future of digital commerce. The initiative invites entrepreneurs to join hands with Calibrate Commerce to not only witness a meticulous assessment of their ideas' feasibility but will be guided through the journey of building a minimum viable product, launching it into the market, finding the product-market fit, and scaling it successfully.

Calibrate Commerce was founded on the principle of enabling emerging brands to seize the full potential of the digital landscape. Currently 70% of the new entrants in the e-commerce landscape are individual sellers, emerging/SMBs that require end to end solutions from go-to-market to customer activation. According to market research, around 90% of SMEs in Dubai that deploy e-commerce for business, have a revenue contribution of less than 25% stemming from e-commerce sales, which is much lower than the benchmark average of 40% that SMEs in the APAC region are able to derive.

Nagham Akileh, GM at Calibrate Commerce pointed out that the company was set up because they recognised that the power to change and influence the digital commerce space lies in end-to-end solutions and investment in next-gen technologies.

She said, "There is a wide gap in access to industry knowledge, best practice and forward-looking yet pragmatic solutions for emerging brands. Not every entrepreneur can afford a full in-house team with extensive experience to cut through the complexity of growing their brand and sales revenue. This expertise is so critical to their success, and it's where we come in. Our specialist teams have decades of collective experience across e-commerce, marketing, creative, and technology that emerging brands can tap into and amplify their growth."

Calibrate Commerce is already working with eight D2C (direct to consumer) brands across various categories to amplify their growth, with most recent wins being TyresOnline, MADrewards, Nabataty and Doozy Insurance.

Akileh pointed out that Calibrate Labs is the company’s way of growing the e-commerce ecosystem by bringing niche startup ideas to fruition with a hands-on approach. “We enable entrepreneurs through our expertise while alleviating some of the risks involved in building a business. We believe it is necessary to embed ourselves within the ecosystem and invest in and nurture innovative ideas that address gaps in the market and add value to consumers."

Calibrate Commerce brings a unique blend of industry know-how, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative thinking – a trinity that promises unparalleled results for those that opt to work with Calibrate. The company just launched a Creator Discovery platform, Clout Scout and have a few other niche retail projects in development.