Calibrate Labs

We believe it is necessary to invest in and nurture innovative ideas that address gaps in the market. Our goal is to co-create and invest in truly transformational startups catering to GenZ & Millennial Consumers.

How does Calibrate Labs work?

We use our ASAAS framework with entrepreneurs to assess the feasibility of their ideas, and if they are, we help them build the minimum viable product, launch it into the market and find product-market fit and scale.
ASAAS Framework

How is Calibrate Labs different?

We provide end-to-end services with a clear KPI roadmap focused on metrics that matter. Our approach to monetisation of our services is also start-up centric.
We put our skin in the game and operate on a Revenue Share model initially. Once we have reached KPIs within the agreed period, we then explore how we can translate sustained investment against equity ownership in a startup.
This alleviates some of the risks involved in founding and growing a new company while adding value with our Future Adaptive Specialist Teams and their collective expertise across commerce, marketing, content and technology, as well as our extensive network of partners.
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